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Employment Hero

We have been trialing a piece of software called Employment Hero for the past few months and are pleased to say we have welcomed them into Qubed Advisory as our preferred HR platform.

HR documentation and compliance is increasingly becoming front of mind for business owners as legislation around employment requires business owners to ensure compliance in this area that has historically been priced out for small business owners.

We think that Employment Hero can be the source of truth for all HR related documents & Issues within your business.

What do we really like about Employment Hero?

  • It’s a portal for employee document storage. You now have a home for all HR documents
  • It’s a cloud based platform for creating employment agreements and loads of other custom or template based employment agreements.
  • It loves xero as much as we love xero. Employee data in Employment Hero syncs seamlessly with Xero making employee engagements & setups a breeze.
  • Employee review management allow both the employee and employer to provide feedback on performance and set goals .
  • Employee portal for accessing payroll advice,  leave applications and lots of other information.

In terms of pricing, employment hero has a range of pricing tiers depending on your HR requirements.  There is a free version with some limited functionality, which is a great place to dip your toe in the water. Pricing then moves up from the free  limited access  platform to include services such as payroll management / rostering / HR reviews / Compliant award loading / Employment Reviews / Mobile Apps etc. / Full HR advisory phone support.

Check out the link to their website for more information on pricing https://employmenthero.com/pricing/

Who is it for?

I would say this platform is well suited to all businesses that employ staff but the real sweet spot seems to be those businesses that employ between 10-50 staff that don’t have an internal HR manager but have exposure to a lot of HR issues.

If you would like to schedule a demo or to chat about how Employment Hero can improve your business, click on this link to schedule a chat.

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